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     What is the data warehouse of the Industry and Services Census

The industry and service census data warehouse disseminates the results of the census 2011, and subsequent, the sources of which are:

  • statistical register of active enterprises (ASIA);
  • census survey of non-profit institutions;
  • census survey of public institutions;
  • sample survey of businesses.

Information, disaggregated at the territorial level, is organized into the following themes:

  1. Data summary, where are disseminated comparisons made between the results of the 9th Census of 2011 and those of the 8th Census of 2001, as well as the main structural features (legal form, economic activity, human resources employed and territorial localization) of Businesses, non-profit institutions and public institutions;
  2. Structural Business Data, from the Active Business Statistics Archive (ASIA) integrated, during the 2011 Census, with new administrative sources that expanded the content in particular with demographic information about the employees;
  3. Non-profit institutions;
  4. Public institutions;
  5. Further study on businesses, based on sample surveys on small and medium size enterprises (less than 20 employees) and censorship surveys on large companies (with at least 20 employees) conducted in 2011.

     Permanent census

Istat inaugurates the season of permanent censuses which permit to update the data of the warehouse, with at least biennial cadence.

The first results of Permanent Censuses concern public institutions. Data, referring to December 31, 2015, can be found on the topic: Public Institutions. The data dissemination will be increased over the next few months, until the complete release of the collected information.


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